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The Wags Club was created as a way to ensure smaller breed dogs safety and comfort whilst at day care. Small breed dogs have different needs to large breed dogs and in order ensure a small dogs safety in our opinion there has to be a separation of sizes within the day care system. Although large breed dogs are amazing, and being the owner of a British Bulldog we acknowledge that many large breeds are in fact gentle giants, however the risk of vigorous play when dealing with specific needs small breeds is too high and is the reason why we have not been able to put our Pomeranian Jiggy into any other day cares.

Other reasons to choose The Wags Club include:

Puppy in Red Cushion

Personalized Attention

Being a family run business we care for each dog like our own and each dog will be given the upmost care.

Fully Qualified

- Canine first aid

- Canine behaviour and psychology

-Puppy training

-Licenced by Herefordshire council

- Insured by Cliverton insurance

Cute Puppy
Brown Dogs

High Standards

We aim to give your dog the highest quality of care whilst your away, we have created an environment that is cleaned regularly and hope to achieve the same standards as what your dog is used to in its own home.

Unique Design

Our unit has been specially designed with your dog in mind, featuring a lounge area, small dog park and numerous play areas. Your dog will feel at home when away from your own. We also have an outdoor garden area that helps maintain toileting needs and allows plenty of exercise opportunities.

Princess Puppy
Why Choose Us?: Features
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