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Passion for Animals


My passion for animals is something that is very important in my life, being brought up and raised in a family home which also featured as a cattery my experience with animals is very vast. I have taken care of various animals as a result of this, but my passion for dogs in particular came later in life when my family and I decided to purchase a Pomeranian puppy. We decided to name the puppy Jiggy, and ever since the importance of a dogs life became so much more apparent to me as an animal lover.

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Jiggy was the perfect addition to our family, he faced big challenges as such a small dog but his fight inspired us to never give up. With the help of the Supervet Noel and his incredible team at Fitzpatrick referrals Jiggy will now live a long and healthy life, and also thanks to the wags club spend everyday with me and other amazing dogs with their own stories. We look forward to hearing all about your dogs story!

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